Avialdo Solutions

Our Story

Avialdo Solutions Began its journey in 2013 with its founders Zohair Hemani, Zain Memon, and Abdul Wahab. The story has begun in 12 feet by 12 feet room where their dreams were shaped into reality.

There wasn’t one defining moment when the trio realized there could be “more” to working in a software house. From the first project out of Fiver of twenty-five dollars to the portfolio of clients locally and internationally, they have come a long way. Regular 100-hour workweeks, watching the personal lives of colleagues and mentors suffer as they missed cricket games, friends’ reunions, and family time. Delivering client work and not taking the time off…they called it their mid-life crises at the age of twenty-five.

Fast forward today, Avialdo Solutions is a company made of hardworking developers, a versatile customer base, and cross-platform projects. Operating in six locations worldwide, Avialdo converts individual client ideas into customized solutions that align with their specific business goals while taking advantage of today’s technology.

Our Vision

To be one of the world’s leading contributor to the digital market, providing auto-pilot customized solutions to scalable companies across the globe.

Why Avialdo Solutions?

Companies choose Avialdo Solutions because

Top notch technology

Stay at the top of the trends, we have used the latest tools and frameworks to keep your web neat and nice

Reduce development time

Because time matters. We have built Avialdo to make your development and launching process as fast as possible

Ready-to-Use Content

Avialdo comes with multiple design interfaces which you can use ‘right out of the box’, you just focus on your business

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